Staying in Paris

As the congress is getting closer, participants have been asking for suggestions for staying in Paris.

We didn’t make any arrangements with hotels. Sorry. However, we‘d suggest AirBnB or any place near Line 12 of Parisian metro.

The surroundings of the venue would be certainly more affordable, but it is really quiet and not very interesting at night.

Our opinion is to prefer somewhere around Line 12 metro stations:

  • Montmartre is a lovely for visits and walking around (Pigalle and Abbesses stations).
  • Lamarck is local, familiar and trendy. It might somehow expensive.
  • Jules Joffrin is also local, perhaps less expensive than Lamarck. You have the Marie du XVIII arr. in here as well as some local bars (L’Alibi, L’Absurde Imposture, Le Festin Nu, etc.).
  • Marcadet is multicultural and should have affordable hotels. Some us live in that neighborhood.
  • Marx Dormoy should be also affordable. It has a small Chinatown.
  • Porte de la Chapelle has big buildings, and it is not really interesting.

If you haven’t done so, you can check the plan of Line 12: